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Rachel Sunday January 8, 2012
When my son Charlie was born (2 years ago now) we received a beautiful bellalulublanket as a gift from our friends who live in Windsor. My son always liked to sleep with a blanket so we used to put one in with him in his crib and carseat (even though apparently thats not allowed!). When he was little- it didn't seem to matter which blanket we used. But as he got older, he would cry unless we gave him the Bellalulubaby blanket. Then, as he got even older, not only would he only want the Bellalulubaby blanket, but SPECIFICALLY, he likes the squares with the blue fluffy material and even MORE SPECIFICALLY, he likes the corner square with the blue fluffy material (he likes to rub the corner under his nose). Now that he is two, he can't sleep without his "Didi" and the corner blue fluffy square is totally worn down. I'm terrified that we will lose it one day and Charlie will never go to sleep again!!! Anyway, long story short- not only do we love your blanket- we NEED your blanket!!! So thank you so much for making sure my son is such a good sleeper!